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Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money in Your Home

Saving energy isn’t just beneficial for the environment. It also helps your wallet! Most of these energy saving tips revolve around changing a few of your daily activities, and they’re not hard to do. We’ve put together some ideas with the help of Duke… Read More »


Urban Gardening: The Sustainable Living Solution Taking over Your City

Living in a city can be awesome for so many different reasons, but it has a few flaws. One of those is typically a lack of green space, especially personal green space. If you’re lucky enough to have a small yard, you might have some more options for t… Read More »


Recycling: Everything You Need to Know, But Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

Have you ever had that awkward moment when someone says, “Where’s your recycling?” and you respond, “Oh, we don’t recycle. You can just throw your cans in the trash.” Your friend might have then told you how easy it was to start or that your neighborho… Read More »

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