Help Your Children Appreciate and Protect the Environment

4 tips for teaching kids how to be environmentally friendly1 Help Your Children Appreciate and Protect the Environment

4 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Be Environmentally Friendly

Tip #1: Explain what’s happening.

Never underestimate kids. They’re a lot smarter than we give them credit  for and they can understand the importance of  protecting the environment. And with understanding often comes action.  So help them understand the need to protect Mother Earth.

Be sure to mention, for example, that there’s an urgent need for action if they want to continue to enjoy the world as it is and how it can even be more beautiful if all the kids make an effort to save the environment.

Tip #2: Speak their language.

You should explain to them what’s happening, yes, but that doesn’t mean throwing in terms like climate change or oxygen depletion here and there. You need to speak their language for them to better understand the essence of your words. Speak of Mother Nature. Talk about flowers and plants rather than simply referring to wildlife and natural habitats. Talk about how animals are losing their homes with every tree that’s cut down for no good reason.

Tip #3: Take advantage of technology.

If you’re of the old school then you may feel that technology has been more of a bad influence than a good one on children. Be that as it may, it’s pointless to ignore technology’s power and the various benefits it offers if used wisely.

In this case, you can use multimedia technology to drive the message of green living home to your kids. Purchase animation or kid-friendly shows with educational content about environmental conservation. Pictures speak a thousand words, and you can definitely use animated pictures to help your children become more aware of what’s happening around them.

Tip #4: Lead by example.

Ultimately, this is the most important thing for you to do. No matter how much you teach your kids about saving the environment, they won’t be as inspired to do so if they don’t see the people they look up to doing the same.  So, for example, recycle at home, use reusable shopping bags, conserve electricity, perhaps even buy a hybrid car.

Remember, kids are like sponges, ready to soak up the lessons we teach them.  Teach them about the importance of environmental conservation today and they will grow into responsible stewards of the earth tomorrow.

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