Kids and Teens Can Also Make an Eco Difference

top environmentalist groups for kids and teens1 Kids and Teens Can Also Make an Eco Difference

Top Environmentalist Groups for Kids and Teens

It’s easy to preach and tell your kids to save the environment. But for them to explicitly understand the urgent need to save the environment, it’s best to let them see and experience the truth for themselves.

Have them join any of today’s environmentalist groups for children. They’re guaranteed to have fun since the programs these groups offer are designed specifically for their age range. But with each fun activity is a core lesson that will open their eyes to the world’s real and worrying green condition.

Earth Force

This group’s aim is to encourage kids to actively improve their local environment now and for the future. Earth Force After School is no doubt their most popular program as it provides a way for teenagers to participate in out-of-school activities that are aimed at improving their environmental awareness.


This is the youth arm of the United Nations Environment Programme and is thus active all over the world. It holds numerous events each year and aims to instruct and empower children to conserve and improve the environment today.

One of its most popular events is the International Children’s Conference, which gathers youth from all over the world and provides them a platform to present their ideas for environmental projects and increase their involvement in local environmental efforts.

The conference is open to kids 10 to 14 years old. In 2010, the conference was held at Nagoya, Japan and welcomed approximately 300 participants from all around the globe.

Student Environmental Action Coalition

If your kid’s looking for environmental groups that have a certain kind of edge then they’ll probably fit in better within the ranks of SEAC. This is a national network run by youth and students alike and aims to use both action and education to bring about environmental justice.

A lot of things are always going on with SEAC. In 2011, for instance, it has Cycling to Build Connections – a summer event open to all SEAC members who wish to “bike for a change”.

There are two ways to join SEAC. You can form a group of your own in your area and have it affiliated as a local chapter of SEAC. Or you can join an existing SEAC group.

Whichever environmental group your child chooses to join, be happy because he or she has taken the first step towards the right path – that of helping to preserve the earth for future generations!

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